Located just a short drive from historic Downtown Charlottesville, Clover Top Creamery is proud to produce fresh and beautiful cheese straight from our pastures to your plate. 

Clover Top Creamery began in 2016 as the dream of mother-daughter team Hillary and Madison Horn. Combining Hillary's decades of experience in restaurants and food service and Madison's years of experience caring for animals (and love of all things microbial), cheesemaking called to us both. In 2016 we began building our herd of dairy goats, taking lots of classes, and planning the conversion of what was once an equine facility into a goat dairy and cheese operation. 

In early 2017 we began construction to convert our hay barn in to our creamery. Eight months of hard work later and the old hay barn is now a beautiful, top of the line creamery that we are exceedingly proud of. It is located on our 20 acre family farm, which is also home to the small herd of goats that provide the milk for all of Clover Top's cheeses. Goats are treated as the valuable members of the Clover Top Family that they are. Days are spent grazing and browsing in the fields and nights spent snuggled in the comfy barn. This means happy goats, beautiful milk, and fabulous cheese. 

We believe in the classic ideal that great cheese can only come from highest quality milk. We are always working to improve our goats' diet, lifestyle, and our own skills so that Clover Top Creamery milk will showcase the unique terroir of our home. Our hope is that this will be reflected in our cheeses, creating a true Charlottesville hometown product.

Our self-serve on-farm store is open from 9am to 7pm Tuesday - Sunday. If you would like to tour the farm and creamery during your visit, please email ahead of time to schedule a tour. More info on this process can be found here!


Farm Store hours

9am-7pm Tuesday - Sunday

Contact us to schedule a tour during your visit to the store!